The Bay Hair Co

When helping create a place of sanctuary for men and women to relax and make time for self care a few key elements are critical.

-A Comfortable Setting: To create comfort and really vitalise on space with the existing floor plan we created floating stations, These ceiling hung floating stations allow plenty of light and movement to flow through the space whilst dividing the room and creating a main focus as you enter the salon. We then paired the stations with tan faux leather salon armchairs that work with the palatte and add a comfortable yet practical element, the style and size of these chairs have been continued through to the rinse basin, as the salon isn't large we didn't want to overwhelm it with too much impact or different furniture.

-A Relaxing Vibe: As the salon is literally metres from the Beach a coastal nod was necessary. Beautiful wide board oak flooring complement the seafoam textured wallpaper and work in harmony with the VJ panel painted in pale grey. We have then added an edge to the coastal palette and introduced small amounts of black for depth and a sharp detail. The softer tones were selected as these are "calming" colours and help create a tranquil salon.

-Practical yet Appealing Lighting: The two lighting selections were pivotal in the design process. Select track lighting with spotlights means we can move and focus the lights to the correct areas ensuring shadowing and light is ideal for colouring. The other main light and feature to the entire salon in our custom design and made neon light. "Be kind to yourself" was created to add a moody glow to the wash basin and also create an important statement as people enter the salon. It is a clear sign inviting clients to relax, rejuvenate and walk out feeling like "new"

-When designing the floor plan it was difficult to fit everything into the one space. We had to allow sufficient room for a back colour / wash room, rinse basin x 2. hair dressing stations x 5, a front counter and reception for clients and also a waiting space. Designing and measuring every item in the space was important along with selecting the salon chairs and basins. We also had the floating stations custom made to ensure we had plenty of working space while out client felt comfortable.