Terranora 'Vista' Project - House No. 1

The Vista estate was designed for automotive homes that work with the incredible landscapes. Each of the properties adorns an acre block and incredible an hinterland outlook.

This home offers strong but neutral colour based on a lovely combination of various Teak, Oak and Blackburn timbers.

With touches of Black and Olive to mirror the windows and colours throughout the valley.

Comfortable yet edgey allows this display home to work for a diversity of clients with young families or retiring to a “tree change”

Rochdale Display Home

This display home  just south of Brisbane needed to appeal to a large market so we kept the palette neutral and added strong features through the use of charcoal and black features. The display home was scheduled to be open 3-5 years so ensuring things would remain in vogue whilst creating impact to new buyers were a main priority for this project.