Home of Jacinta Platt

An eclectic group of artwork, artifacts and random items adorn 60 Seaside Drive. If you are directed to a large brass crocodile head the mickey mouse figure that lives in the kitchen may take your fancy.

This project was difficult ... as It was my own home and I was the hardest client to please with the worst budget!

Back bedrooms did not become a priority in terms of spending as I always advise my clients the budget should be divided into the areas you spend most your time such as living, dining and master. So we got creative and used things such as vintage suitcases as a bedside table. A old tea-chest another bedside table but ensured the art whether it be framed artworks or an aboriginal painting had colour, life and personality to bring the room together.

The living room feature is the gorgeous artwork by Shayle Flesser ... one of my first ever purchases of original artwork. The colours and strength are repeated through the rug, scatter cushions and coffee table. It’s a combination of timber, marble and upholstery. The custom made buffet was made from recycled timber offcuts, so giving the space so much texture to work with.

The entry is strong with a large black wall telling a story of different artworks, styles and representations of my husband and I.

The floor plan of this home was based around having a close pool that when the day came we could be in the living room or kitchen watching over children in the pool.

The one story home is casual, easy and low maintenance, its very practical in we don't have alot of wasted space. This home was the first we designed and built together and although we think its perfect we are ready to go again and endeavour on another project together trialing new finishes, ideas and creations!

This project was featured on the cover (and inside) of Queensland Homes magazine, issue Spring/Summer 2018/19.